Our academy model allows us to develop athletes in a systematic way and to provide them with a consistent base of training. The academies are led by some of th most well-known and experienced athletic performance and skills developers in their respective fields. The academy athletes train under our Athletic Repbulic banner, as well as compete in tournaments, leagues and games as Athletic Republic athletes. Our academies include: Quarterback Academy, Basketball Academy, Speed Academy, Volleyball Academy, Mix Martial Arts Academy and Martial Arts Academy. 

At Athletic Republic Quarterback Academy, we apply science-based performance training and quarterback development experience to guide our clients towards maximizing their position play. We track the development of the essential skills quarterbacks need in order to perform: arm strength, accuracy, solid mechanics, football IQ and more. We assess quarterbacks across 7 categories and 50 key QB data points to measure our QBs’ progress and development. Call today to schedule assessment (443.865.3749). 

The Athletic Republic Basketball
 Academy is the next-level in basketball and skills performance training, and leadership development for athletes of all ages. Our approach is to develop athletes’ fundamental basketball skills at our regular Skills & Drills sessions using our standardized, proven curriculum. In addition, we apply science-based athletic performance development to help each athlete
to reach their full athletic potential. We incorporate objective measurement techniques to demonstrate measured improvement in athletes’ abilities and drive retention in our program. 
The Athletic Republic Volleyball
 Academy offers premiere volleyball performance and skills training for girls age 10-18 years old. We develop our volleyball athletes’ agility, explosion and power using our proprietary science-based sports performance training along with volleyball on-court skills training powered by SpikeIt, Inc. Our progressive 8-week volleyball and sports performance program will develop your athletes’ serving, setting, defense and overall game skills.  

Athletic Republic’s Speed Academy is one of the most sought-after speed training programs in the region.  Our Speed Academy clients receive state-of-the-art training and instruction in a one-of-a-kind environment. We focus on building athletes’ speed by developing proper running mechanics, linear speed technique, explosive movement development, and conditioning. Our Speed Academy is powered by Coach Kea Mercer and Sprint Club. To reserve your spot now in the AR Speed Academy, contact AR: 240-429-9333 or