Through more than 28 years of research, testing, training and improving athletes, Athletic Republic has a methodology that maximizes every athlete's potential. At the heart of our program is the proprietary equipment and software that make us the industry leader, delivering real results every time. With the added integration of our cord technology, advanced video technology and proprietary software, athletes see, hear, feel and track their progress. Athletic Republic is like no other training center.


The Athletic Republic Running and Hockey Training Protocols are built on proprietary, sport-specific equipment that fully develop an athlete’s speed, skill, power and agility.


If you want to get faster and more explosive on the field or court, you have to teach your body to move faster than it knows how.  The Athletic Republic Super Running Treadmill (RTM) ramps up from 0-28 mph in less than 3 seconds.  Standard treadmills cannot produce the speed or stability the RTM provides.  Using our sport-specific protocols, the RTM safely pushes athletes beyond their ground-based training limits by forcing them to work harder and run more efficiently to reach peak speeds and maintain them for longer durations.   With inclines up to 40%, incline running on the RTM forces athletes to run with the same form of an Olympic Sprinter - high knee-drive, quick recovery, a stable mid-section and toes-up ground contact to minimize braking and maximize propulsion.  This finely tuned training instrument is like nothing you've experienced before and delivers game changing explosive speed to athletes who use it.


The Athletic Republic Hockey Treadmill (HTM); with its patented, specially lubricated, ice-like surface, trains hockey players to become more powerful and efficient skaters.  Athletes train in their skates.  The HTM tilts to a 32% grade and reaches speeds up to 16 mph.  Athletes can see themselves in a mirror and the trainer can stand next to them to coach improved skating mechanics. Scientific research proves that incline treadmill skating helps athletes produce more power on each stride versus rink skating.  After just one Acceleration Hockey Training Program of 22-26 sessions over 6-8 weeks, athletes enhance their break away speed, develop quicker cuts, improve their power in the first three strides and gain overall conditioning.  Translated to the ice, it all adds up to more shots on goal.


The Athletic Republic Plyo Press Machine (PPM) improves leg strength and explosive power.  Its unique design allows athletes to take explosive power training to a higher level.  The footplate angle puts the athlete in an athletic position to produce force through the balls of his/her feet - not the heels like a standard squat exercise.  You compete in an athletic position, you need to train in those positions.  The sled supports the low back and reinforces proper mechanics when lifting heavy weights or doing explosive jumps.  Using an exclusive weight loading pattern, the PPM provides variable resistance that optimizes the weight load based on how the body works.  Versus squats and hip sleds, the PPM is a safer and more effective way to train lower body explosive strength and power.


The Athletic Republic Plyo Floor (PF) is a cushioned wood surface with exclusive patterns and quick lock resistance cord hooks to maximize quickness and explosiveness while improving dynamic stability, essential for improving movement skills and overall athleticism.  We employ tools like the AccuPower force platform to measure power output and stability during single leg squats, jumps, and hops.  Coupled with resistance cords, this floor can dramatically improve explosive power, hip strength, balance and dynamic stability.


The Athletic Republic Pro Multi-Hip (PMH) improves key abdominal and hip muscle strength essential for improved performance.  Resistance settings can be adjusted from less than 15 pounds for lateral movement patterns to 375 pounds (highest in the industry) for dynamic power movements.  The PMH is versatile enough to accommodate athletes from 5 feet to 7 feet tall, who are both healthy and in rehabilitation for injury.
Athletic Republic Conditioning Cords provide controlled resistance while allowing athletes to perform at game speed velocities, greatly improving sport-specific power for hitting, throwing, running, shooting, spiking serving and/or jumping.  Our patented SprintCords, KickingCords, ThrowingCords, PowerCords, Hitting Harness and Warm-up Cords provide resistance without changing or affecting proper mechanics.  When the conditioning cords come off, athletes produce more power than ever before.  All cords come in Pro and Varsity resistance levels.


Athletic Republic's proprietary technologies are next-generation training. Measuring explosive power, dynamic stability and symmetry, we analyze an athlete's reports against a central database called AIMS to provide a percentile ranking against the average produced by athletes throughout the network. Combined with advanced video technology, athletes see how they match-up with their peers as well as their progress from the first training session to the last. The result is a clear view of an athlete's improvement over time and ranking amongst his/her athletic peers.


Over 80% of people are visual learners.  This is why Athletic Republic incorporates Dartfish ProSuite video feedback into training protocols.  It is essential to accelerating the process of learning sports skills and optimizing an athlete's training progress.  Athletic Republic Performance Trainers use Dartfish to assist in athlete assessments and again during training to help fine tune technique.  Video feedback in the training area provides athletes instant insights on technical form and efficiency.  Video review includes varying speeds or even frame-by-frame slow motion that reveals more than the human eye can see.  This gives both the athlete and trainer a chance to make subtle, yet important, adjustments to form and mechanics.


The Athletic Republic Plyo Press Power Quotient (3PQ) provides a quick and accurate way to functionally test lower body power output.  3PQ measures the force an athlete exerts on a custom-built 3D force platform mounted to the Plyo Press.  This allows trainers to accurately assess the lower body power output during movements specific to most sports.  Athletic Republic Performance Trainers can measure an athlete's force and power output during single or both leg presses, jumps or even isometrically at a wide range of angles.  Our proprietary 3PQ testing software analyzes the test results to compare the athlete's symmetry between legs, results against their peers in the AIMS database, and tracks progress.