Athletic Republic - Capitol Region
Food & Drink Policy
Our food and drink policy is two-fold, and it is firm.

In an effort to preserve the hardwood and performance turf surfaces, Athletic Republic - Capitol Region does not allow outside food or drinks of any kind into the building, including by players, coaches and referees.

We have multiple hydration points (water fountains) within close proximity of the courts and performance turf (but not on the courts and turf), so that both players and patrons have easy, free access to hydration. We do offer water, performance drinks and a multitude of other liquids for sale both in the cafeteria and in multiple vending machines to provide additional access to hydration. There are also water fountains in both locker rooms and in several other places in the building. Read here about why we set our policies as such.

In addition, we do not allow any food or drinks into the playing and performance areas, which include any point beyond the clearly defined designated areas. Pointedly, food and drinks are not allowed on the courts, turf, track, stands or workout areas. We have a two hundred seating capacity cafeteria area to accommodate our patrons. 

We appreciate your adherence to our policy, and we hope you enjoy your time at Athletic Republic – Capitol Region. 


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