Defensive Back Skills Training

The elite defensive back and linebacker training at Athletic Republic - Capitol Region is powered The Skills University founder Justin Winters. The Skills University brings a level of excellence, experience and passion to helping athletes learn both the fundamentals and fine-points of playing defensive back and linebacker. Justin, who was a standout athlete at the University of Buffalo, also is known for being a master recruiter and developer of athletic talent.

Session times: 
WED: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
SAT: 12pm - 2pm
SUN: 4pm -6pm

Cheetah Club

Master Trainer Corwin "Pop" Acker administers the Cheetah Club speed program at Athletic Republic - Capitol Region. Cheetah Club is our speed program built around metric-based gains using Athletic Republic - Capitol Region's scientific protocols and patented and proprietary equipment, including the highly sought after overspeed treadmills. Cheetah Club members train on linear propulsion both forward and backward on the overspeed treadmills and using other protocols. Also, a major part is the competitive - and fun -format where Cheetah Club members work to increase their personal best top-end speed by chasing and achieving their targeted goals on the overspeed treadmills. 
Youth Boys and Girls Basketball Skills Training

Want to learn basketball skills from a pro? Former WNBA player and current European Player Brianna Kiesel is AR's youth boys and girls basketball skills training guru. Coach Bri trains Wednesdays 6-7pm and 7-8pm and Fridays 4-5pm and 5-6pm.

Volleyball Skills Training

Perette and Patrice Arrington bring AR's clients their professional volleyball playing and elite-level coaching pedigrees. Whether you want to prepare for the tournament circuit or your coming seasong, schedule sessions with these two, and you will be ready. Also, ask our volleyball leagues and sports performance training specific for volleyball players.

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